Perfect for Easter

Friday 30th March – Delivering / For Collection’s open until 11am

Saturday 31st March – Delivering / For Collection’s open until 9.30am

Sunday 1st April – Closed

Monday 2nd April – Closed

During Easter all our lamb comes from the West Country. The warmer climate allows better grass in winter and kinder conditions for the young lambs.

Young lamb will have a pale pink flesh and firm, creamy-white fat. The leg is a quick roast and without a doubt the most popular cut at Easter time. A leg will feed between 6-8 people. If you are cooking for 2 -3 people we would recommend a rack or rolled saddle of lamb.

A shoulder of lamb will feed between 4 and 5 people and in terms of cooking the slower the better.

Don’t forget to rest your lamb before serving!

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